The Cambria County Drug & Alcohol Program has announced a competitive funding opportunity for county schools to obtain reimbursement for vape detectors in conjunction with revision of school district policies to address student vaping.

The Pennsylvania Youth Survey has reflected overall increases in student 30-day vaping and e-cigarette use over the last two survey cycles.  In addition to the effects of nicotine use, the expanding availability and use of vaping products containing THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, and of products of unknown origin or composition obtained via the internet, has increased the potential for harm to students engaged in vaping.

In this project, school districts examine how vaping devices are identified and classified in school policies, procedural steps to be taken when a student is found with a vaping device in school, and the disposition of students involved in vaping violations.  The project promotes community-level engagement by involving local school administrators and elected school boards in the revision and approval process.  The new policies impact the school environment by establishing and informing parents of standards for student behavior with the detectors providing a tool to apply and enforce policy.  Funding priority will be given to districts in which policies identify a process for impacted students to receive screening, assessment, and appropriate intervention and/or treatment services.

“We are excited to engage our school districts in this process.  We want to promote a healthy school environment and, above all, connect students that may be struggling with the services and support they need,” said Fred Oliveros, administrator of the Drug & Alcohol Program.

Schools interested in submitting application materials may contact Kate Porter, Prevention Program Manager at the Drug & Alcohol Program, at or (814)536-5388.