The Cambria County Drug & Alcohol Program has been designated by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) as the Centralized Coordinating Entity (CCE) for naloxone distribution to first responders in Cambria County. All EMS, police departments, and QRS-certified fire departments are eligible to receive naloxone at no cost. In addition, other community-serving organizations that may, in the course of their work, come into contact with overdose victims are eligible to have naloxone supplied to their organization under this project.

To receive naloxone, an organization must complete a Naloxone Request Form and a Certification of Training Form and submit these to the Cambria County Drug & Alcohol Program. In addition, all police and fire departments accessing naloxone under this project must maintain a Memorandum of Understanding with Cambria County setting forth the terms under which the Cambria County Drug & Alcohol Program will distribute naloxone to the department.

A first responder agency receiving naloxone also agrees to notify the Cambria County Drug & Alcohol Program when naloxone is administered under this project and to provide data regarding the disposition of the overdose victim. The Naloxone Administration Form may be utilized for this reporting and submitted to the Drug & Alcohol program. This required data does not include patient-identifying information.

Agencies requesting naloxone may submit required paperwork via e-mail by clicking here, faxing to (814)536-6867, or visiting the Drug & Alcohol Program office. Once approved, requested naloxone can be obtained by visiting the Drug & Alcohol Program office.