The Cambria County Drug & Alcohol Program is partnering with county school districts and local company Educational Development Software (EDS) to put the Student Assistance Program (SAP) on a virtual platform in the 2020-21 school year. Utilizing PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs grant funds, the Drug & Alcohol Program will fund school districts’ subscriptions to EDS’s aSAP software package. aSAP allows SAP team members to organize and access student information from remote locations, send and receive parent correspondence and signatures via e-mail, and receive parental SAP referrals online by placing the aSAP link on district websites. In addition to ensuring the SAP process remains viable within models of remote education that may be used during the COVID-19 pandemic, aSAP also provides the opportunity for districts to implement district-specific student self-assessments or other initiatives by placing documents within its aSAP pages. Click below to visit the Student Assistance Program page.